NEW iPad Pro M1 Durability Test! - Are Apple Mini LED's Stronger?

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The large 12.9 inch Apple iPad Pro with the M1 boost inside is ready to be tested! Grab my Teardown skin for your device HERE The iPads have never really been known for their structural integrity... But, with the new iPad M1 being slightly thicker and heavier... maybe this time around it wont snap in half! We can dream.

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    Fringe Anomaly
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    Lee the amaz
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    John Edward
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    Ibxxdah The Beaver
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    The Fail Squad
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    JoTa Stevens
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    simple fact
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    Lulzim Mucaj
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    Meet vasan
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    Meet vasan
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    Nathaniel Williamson
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    1. Nathaniel Williamson
      Nathaniel Williamson
      Пре 5 дана

      I've been trying to see if anyone has done it with the 11 inch version but haven't found a single video of someone bend testing it 😂 and was wondering if it would be more durable then the last year's version. and see if it wouldn't completely bend or not be as easy to bend...😭

  25. The Madness of Poetry
    The Madness of Poetry
    Пре 5 дана

    Do you get these devices for free? Also these videos are pointless.. who in heck is taking a blade to it or bend it, even burning it…. Scratches, of,course you’re using a Stanley blade!1 🙈🙈 BTW this message is out of love.. I suggest your scrap the LDS, (not an ipad} May the Lord shine inn you in all you do.. Jesus is Lord, and you really don’t need ‘Magic underwear’

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    Arjun Darade
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    FGTeeV tui FGTeeVUwU
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