How Fast is 5G on a Mountain?! - Lets find out...

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I have never used 5G before... until now. Huge thanks to T-Mobile for letting me borrow a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and sponsoring this video. Today we are going to find out if 5G works up here in the mountains! T-Mobile has the largest 5G network in the USA covering over 80% of Americans.

The camera I used to film this video:
Wide angle lens:
This is the drone I use:

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  1. Najee Ghanim
    Najee Ghanim
    Пре 3 сата

    TMobile 5G is very fast 4G LTE+, they get it by slowing down other none 5G devices or other TMobile sub companies subscribers like MetroPCs

  2. Jae West
    Jae West
    Пре 17 сати

    I flew up to Washington from Santa Monica, Ca in a Cherokee Piper. While I didn’t upload a huge video file, I did send videos and high def photos through text. We were up approx 11,500 feet over very desolate areas. I was impressed with the transfer rate of 5G especially being miles away from any kind of town. It did of course drain the battery quicker and the phone did get warm but not to the point of overheating shutdown. It almost seemed to work better in the sky then on the ground, less obstructions I imagine. Whole experience was eye opening to say the least.

  3. Subarulogo
    Пре 7 дана

    Don't get T-mobile its a scam, the service is HORRIBLE

  4. laz tej
    laz tej
    Пре 10 дана

    I've been with T-Mobile over 1 and half decades now and I feel like they stepped up a lot and and they are doing it the smart way due to the fact that they didn't push out 5G all out rushing it they started spreading it around bit by bit the right way and I'm glad I have 5G because it's super fast around my way even at my house so I'm enjoying this 5G speeds With no lag and BS and I don't have to go to downtown to have 5G like Verizon or AT&T lol straight up👍👍😎😎

  5. Bazz
    Пре 10 дана

    his car key image is a toyota btw

  6. william ingram jr
    william ingram jr
    Пре 12 дана

    Can you do a video on your Panasonic Lumix camera?

  7. william ingram jr
    william ingram jr
    Пре 12 дана

    Also to note is the frequency at which T-Mobile is using. 600hrz allows it to travel further. Like a sub woofer.

  8. Matej Rajčan
    Matej Rajčan
    Пре 18 дана

    I dont know how much was this scripted by tmobile but- 1. Do not compare mobile connection with WiFi, those are 2 different things. I have 450Mbit wifi but that does not mean my internet connection is 450Mbit too. 2. If you want to compare connection speed of 5G vs. 4G why not putting 5g sim card into 4G phone? Comparing between two operators is useless as they might not have same network capability in that area. Might seem that tmobile is clear winner, but in real they might have same speed on 4G in that area.

  9. Intercept
    Пре 19 дана

    "2GB of footage, so a pretty big file" Ah for a US customer it is indeed. *giggles in Australian*

  10. Lunatic Leone
    Lunatic Leone
    Пре 21 дан

    You should go to on top of the world in Utah, the connection speed up there is ridiculously fast, faster than my freaking own neighborhood connection

  11. Adam Macias
    Adam Macias
    Пре 25 дана

    Everyone: 5G is fast! Me living in a rural area with a 5G phone: Oh that's out now?

  12. GaMiNg TeCh
    GaMiNg TeCh
    Пре 26 дана

    Few months back I went place named sandakphu which is 11000ft above sea level, during whole day I didn't got any phone signal. But around mid night about 2pm I got a weak 4G signal out of nowhere, I got outside in -10° and got medium signal strength with 10 Mbps bandwidth Speed I felt like luckiest person on the world

  13. Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb
    Пре 28 дана

    Bruh that's Literally the same phone I have like from Tmoble and the same color lol

  14. ꧁Zero two꧂
    ꧁Zero two꧂
    Пре 28 дана

    I have a tip for you all if 5g is like everywhere and everyone is using it go back to 4g because their will be a small amount of people using it and it will be faster

  15. Keiz
    Пре 29 дана

    Funnily enough, America has the slowest 5G out of basically all countries that have it right now. Canada's speeds are about double what ours are, and in Europe, middle east, and Asia, it's WAY faster than what we have, nearly if not tenfold in some cases.

  16. Basel Khalil
    Basel Khalil
    Пре 29 дана

    t mobile is the worst by experience

  17. Harvey Rott
    Harvey Rott
    Пре месец

    Thinking about dropping my current network provider, also they phasing out my older phone that I've been using in January, Not sure why they don't offer phones to long time users .

    1. Elffers Lee
      Elffers Lee
      Пре месец

      As an apple fan boy I prefer my apple device,all though they are not innovative in body design compare to samsung and their android UI,I still prefer my iphone,the recent offers I get from my network provider,is cool for me,I get the new devices with full spec on financed payment, nothing can make me change to any other phone,I believe in few years time apple will develop it screen design to be or even better that most android smart phones.

    2. Christian John
      Christian John
      Пре месец

      Here you can text him at skype live: mcbergjoseph, please be hush hush about this cause not everybody knows about this getting on the offers.

    3. Christian John
      Christian John
      Пре месец

      Financing phones is quite easy I do get phones for my friends and family members through my network provider, financing scheme, instead of me paying whole sale price on first launch, which will be very expensive, it's better for me to use plan payment,and also it boost my credit score being able to settle mine on time

    4. Arthur Javier
      Arthur Javier
      Пре месец

      @Ferdinand William It don't take long since everything he does is within your network provider and account,you receive everything immediately he prompts you.

    5. Ferdinand William
      Ferdinand William
      Пре месец

      @Arthur Javier How often do you use him and how long does it take his works to reflect on your network account?

  18. Prabhakar Agrawal
    Prabhakar Agrawal
    Пре месец

    In India we got 1mbps speed in 4g nd u r getting 80 mbps in mountains 😤😤😤

  19. CocoonsLastHope
    Пре месец

    Maximum speed I've had on my IPad Pro with 5G in Australia was 986Mbps, pretty much downloads 30 apps in around 30 secs or so. Since I had to add some of my other IPad’s apps to it, this was great. At home I would’ve had to wait all day, all night to download them all. No one would be able to use the internet in the meantime either, as all of it would be needed to download the apps. I have a highly fluctuating speed anywhere from 50Kbps to 860Kbps, these fluctuations mean that whilst a download time calculator may say 30 mins for 1 app, it could take up to an hour instead. House wifi speeds here tend to pretty awful, cellular is 100% better.

  20. Sabahat Khan
    Sabahat Khan
    Пре месец

    What about Battery life In 5G please need information ℹ️

  21. evilvet
    Пре месец

    guh. a big ad 😢

  22. Steven Motie
    Steven Motie
    Пре месец

    Nobody can sit here and tell me the way he says “antenna” isn’t funny! It’s sounds like he’s saying AN TANNAA like it’s a state. I say An TENNA very quickly and sharply. Lol 😂

  23. Albert Sebastian
    Albert Sebastian
    Пре месец

    Its dirty how T mobile made him use verison's 4GLTE instead of their own 4G even though both would be slow, they just want to make verison look Old and slow.

  24. Alex
    Пре месец

    Here with my Note 20 Ultra in an area where 5G is supported and I'm getting nowhere near the same speed he is 🤣

  25. Kais
    Пре месец

    Data plans need to have a more reasonable price for people to actually utilise these speeds regularly. Cool that the technology is getting better though.

  26. Argus Burebistus
    Argus Burebistus
    Пре месец

    Not a fan of 5G ! More Electromagnetic Smog and more Surveillance so thank you but no thanks ✌️

  27. Siddhant Singhai
    Siddhant Singhai
    Пре месец

    Please test OnePlus 9r

  28. Hani's Experiments
    Hani's Experiments
    Пре месец

    In a few years we're going to be laughing at the 5g speed

    1. laz tej
      laz tej
      Пре 10 дана

      Nahhhh don't thing.... You must not have A 5G phone lmao 🤣 But a couple years from now its just going to get even more advanced

    2. beastonea
      Пре 18 дана

      @ForWhhy lol u just had like 3 opinions in the span of 2 seconds.

    3. ForWhhy
      Пре 27 дана

      Not really... Because with improved 5G speed we can do everything fast...

    4. TheMathemaLogist
      Пре месец


    5. TheMathemaLogist
      Пре месец


  29. Ethan Elliott
    Ethan Elliott
    Пре месец

    Yo why does he say ‘antanna’

  30. Alien Kitten
    Alien Kitten
    Пре месец

    Snoop Dogg saw this video and is climbing that mountain for the 5G's.

  31. Gamerguy Vlog 32
    Gamerguy Vlog 32
    Пре месец

    What’s 5G like at your house

  32. Anastasia Frostyxx
    Anastasia Frostyxx
    Пре месец

    4g I get 600mbps

  33. SKYE LOVER 2003
    SKYE LOVER 2003
    Пре месец

    The note 10+ does support 5g if you get the model that does

  34. Donavin Young
    Donavin Young
    Пре месец


  35. Aragnath Black
    Aragnath Black
    Пре месец

    I live in Eastern part of Finland. We have 5G in our town center. Our town is about 35000 people. I live about 7km outside town center so no 5G for me and it looks like there is no 5G plans in my area. 4G in my area looks to be right now 21/25Mbps

  36. Abo Ali
    Abo Ali
    Пре месец


  37. Márk Szilágyi
    Márk Szilágyi
    Пре месец

    7000forint az nem sok

  38. LostMySauce
    Пре месец

    Aunt Ennas

  39. Aditya R
    Aditya R
    Пре месец

    Pretty Brave of T-Mobile to loan you a mobile lol

  40. Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison
    Пре месец

    I REALLY love your videos and am always talking about what you do. I Was amazed at the difference of your voice when you are not pulling and testing and reviewing phone, the sound of your voice on camera as you do your phone videos is amazing. You are a fantastic person and your video have taught me so much. I wonder, have you ever dealt with Nova 5T cellphone? It was just after the P30 pro and has the same chip and ram. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos and please keep them up.

  41. Fluffiest Mallard
    Fluffiest Mallard
    Пре месец

    5G ain't it chief. It's too short range to be efficient to any capacity

  42. Diana Riverjackson
    Diana Riverjackson
    Пре месец

    This guy has the friendliest face and the smoothest voice, yet he scratch you into death 😳

  43. Dave Helmboldt
    Dave Helmboldt
    Пре месец

    So, here's the bug. Sub 6 speeds, low band, are not affected by buildings etc. This is what T-mobile offers in mid Michigan. BUT, the upload and download speeds are not significantly faster than 4g LTE. So is the additional cost of 5G capability worth it? There's almost $100 cost increase on same model phones; I've been window shopping. Actually, my wife sand I are jumping to a different cartier, but taking our LTE phones with us. My next phone will be 5G, future proof dontchaknow, but as the tech stands now... not worth the investment. Maybe soon.

  44. Joni Yesnoppa
    Joni Yesnoppa
    Пре месец

    Wanjir layarnya bening bgd sue

  45. Catherine Grove
    Catherine Grove
    Пре месец

    Yo I didn't know you live in Utah! I live in Park City!! Huge fan👏🏼

  46. TannerTeevs b
    TannerTeevs b
    Пре месец

    When data is faster than wifi 😂

  47. J R
    J R
    Пре месец

    When I was at Yosemite we did a hike to the top of one of the waterfalls there and I was blown away by how well the 5G network was all the way up there in the middle of nowhere. I have t-mobile as well.

  48. kim capacity
    kim capacity
    Пре месец

    Hey Jerry, did u scratch the bandwidth of 5g🤔

  49. Sikander Humed Khan
    Sikander Humed Khan
    Пре месец

    you live in utah? stradman lives in utah!

  50. Javi360flip
    Пре месец

    Zack, you just went next to a 5G antenna in that mountain, because you knew it was there or you were told it was there. This video is fake because it just represents a very specific case, if you go to a random mountain I highly doubt you'll even have 4G.

  51. Nayan Kulshrestha
    Nayan Kulshrestha
    Пре месец

    You look like agent 47.

  52. Sarvesh Mudgal
    Sarvesh Mudgal
    Пре месец

    Upload speeds are shit lol, even in country like India I have 4g upload speed of 40 mbps

  53. C69 VLOGS
    C69 VLOGS
    Пре месец

    My data speed is 250 and 4G

  54. JSkye Peterson
    JSkye Peterson
    Пре месец


  55. wymi
    Пре месец

    Too bad cell phone companies don't work on coverage so we can actually use our phones all over. It's all about Data now with calls taking a back seat.

  56. Diomari Saz
    Diomari Saz
    Пре месец

    5g speed in the philippines was like 4g speed in your area HAHAHAHAHA

  57. Arthur Armbrecht
    Arthur Armbrecht
    Пре месец

    I've been watching your videos since forever but never subscribed. Finally I did that know. So much went wrong all this time. 😄

  58. X1 ACULITE
    Пре месец

    I bet jerry will get a Note21/22 ultra as his personal phone when it comes out

    1. X1 ACULITE
      X1 ACULITE
      Пре месец

      @[insert username here] yeah. Lol 🤣🤣

    2. [insert username here]
      [insert username here]
      Пре месец

      @X1 ACULITE it’s alright, company naming is always confusing and difficult to predict, just look at what Sony’s doing!

    3. X1 ACULITE
      X1 ACULITE
      Пре месец

      @[insert username here] ohh Well i meant the Note21/22 😅 My mistake

    4. [insert username here]
      [insert username here]
      Пре месец

      The Samsung Galaxy 30 series is coming out in 2030, so we’ll be waiting a while.

  59. Bhavya Chanana
    Bhavya Chanana
    Пре месец

    What wifi network is he talking about? 50mbps upload!? Im here getting 200mbps in my wifi every time

  60. VD Bro
    VD Bro
    Пре месец

    You should thankful for your 4G company. In Sri Lanka, we are still struggling to acquire such speed in 4G

  61. Pixelated
    Пре месец

    The fastest I've seen is 150mbps when in NY city. In my town with 5g I literally see 1mbps speeds. That's with my note 20 ultra. Speed varies quite literally from almost zero to 50% faster than my home internet. 5g is great when it's actually working it does use more battery power which is very noticeable when gaming on the go and the phone gets hotter.

  62. Dani Dani
    Dani Dani
    Пре месец

    It doesn't matter cause youtube will cap data to 480p anyway on youtube

  63. Francesco Frisi
    Francesco Frisi
    Пре месец

    Give me that iPad

  64. Colin Booth
    Colin Booth
    Пре месец

    I've never had speeds that fast anywhere. And I don't live within 200 miles of a mountain!

  65. farikkun
    Пре месец

    u should test 4g vs 5g range. find place without cell tower

  66. Harpreet S
    Harpreet S
    Пре месец

    Upgrade to new fold I really wanna se how a foldable phone perform by being Jerry daily driver

  67. Muchammad Adriyan
    Muchammad Adriyan
    Пре месец

    that's 1000 times faster than my current mobile connection in the city

  68. Baogar
    Пре месец

    Everybody goes to sponsored bullcrap nowadays. Annoying.

  69. Fire fox
    Fire fox
    Пре месец

    Awesome video brother 👍

  70. Jason Mascarenhas
    Jason Mascarenhas
    Пре месец

    And here in India we get 2 mb/s in 4g

  71. Andrew Masters
    Andrew Masters
    Пре месец

    What the hell?? My carrier is US Cellular, and where I live in northern Illinois, I only get about 30 Mbps download and 50 upload on 5G!

  72. Chase Null
    Chase Null
    Пре месец

    Nah, verizon claps tf out of tmobiles 5G. I have hit 1gps in a uw area, averaging 200-300mbps on nationwide.

  73. Stupid Things
    Stupid Things
    Пре месец

    im in uk i the town center max speed is 2Mbps :D haha LTE not 5g :/ but this is crazy

  74. Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet
    Пре месец

    Jerry why do you say antenna like that 😂

  75. Levi Wilsoon
    Levi Wilsoon
    Пре месец

    Can you test the Galaxy a32 5g?

  76. Nate Newman
    Nate Newman
    Пре месец

    Verizon and TMobile are the only 5G carriers in my city. But it’s a bittersweet thing. Verizon is all around me 5G. Just none in my exact city. TMobile has lots of 5G if you don’t go SE, or W, or too far North. Then you lose all signal.

  77. xX12VincEXx
    Пре месец

    How fast is 4G in Germany. Let's finds out.. - no connection -

  78. JerEditz
    Пре месец

    This makes me think. I've been using the same sim card since 2017... When I got my Samsung Galaxy s21 (because of a bad drop my Samsung Galaxy s20 took, long story) I was given a new 5g sim card but can't upgrade it. I am still using the same original sim card which I noticed I still get 5g anyhow. But would there be a difference even if I put the 5g sim card in the phone? asking because I am curious since I already do get 5g anyhow.

  79. Darth Vader
    Darth Vader
    Пре месец

    I just wish you could have tried it also on a OnePlus phone and an IPhone,and a pixel 4a 5g

  80. SavageCXV
    Пре месец

    i litteraly only get 5mbps upload and 50 download thats significantly faster than my home wifi

  81. roshan bhandari
    roshan bhandari
    Пре месец

    Come to Nepal jerry we will see if it works in the highs of the Everest.

  82. Amol Kulange
    Amol Kulange
    Пре месец

    I don't have 5g phone... meanwhile destroyed 100s of 5g phones in a name of durability tests🤣🤣

  83. Jelani 707hp
    Jelani 707hp
    Пре месец

    who's Aunt Anna? 0:17

  84. D Nash 4K
    D Nash 4K
    Пре месец

    You have 5G in the mountains our Southern African country struggles with 4G in the suburbs 😅🤣

  85. Ian van Ede
    Ian van Ede
    Пре месец

    630down/45up here in The Netherlands on Wifi 🥳

  86. D Nash 4K
    D Nash 4K
    Пре месец

    5g 5g 5g 5g 5g 5g apple meme 🤣

  87. Nui Bui
    Nui Bui
    Пре месец

    If they introduce a plan where I only pay for the data I use then I would be down

    1. Max Z
      Max Z
      Пре 9 дана

      So... prepaid?

  88. Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells
    Пре месец

    Since you're right there, you should do numbers from various spots on each resort mountain... skiers and bikers would destroy your site looking for numbers!

  89. SMBO6
    Пре месец

    Subscriptions were not sent out for some reason for this video.

  90. Daniel Kaschel
    Daniel Kaschel
    Пре месец

    Unfortunately, Jerry should have used a TMobile 4g hotspot, not a Verizon 4g. This was a commercial for tmobile's coverage in one tiny place, and that's it. And no wonder, because 5G is almost never worthwhile to consumers when balanced against the higher power draw. It's not speed that holds back phones, but coverage and latency. 5G covers less area per antenna and doesn't meaningfully improve latency.

  91. Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez
    Пре месец

    Man I love this guy so much Jerry thank you so much for doing what you're doing man thank you

  92. Hydruś
    Пре месец

    I'm here with 400 megabits of download on LTE. Also T-mobile, but in Poland.

  93. Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland
    Пре месец

    That’s slow in 🇳🇴

  94. Mark7com
    Пре месец

    I think your future 5g phone will be s22 ultra or note 22 ultra or fold 3? So not apple?

  95. Ruthless00x
    Пре месец

    5G in Mobile, AL: 31.5 down and .60 up…….

  96. Dr Freemen
    Dr Freemen
    Пре месец

    Hello. Jerry what phone do you use? What drone are you shooting with?

  97. Echo Dragon
    Echo Dragon
    Пре месец

    May I ask, why aren't you wearing a mask Zack?

  98. SweatyProGamer
    Пре месец

    Your 5G Phone In The Mountain Is faster than my internet at max speed

  99. Ahmad Awoyemi
    Ahmad Awoyemi
    Пре месец

    No chicken ,no radio

  100. Maisonier
    Пре месец

    Meanwhile in South America (not South Africa) not even the 4g works fine ...