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  1. Alex O'Connor
    Alex O'Connor
    Пре 4 сата

    you should make extentions around the bard so that you dont have to charge them all in the one spot and just plug them straight into the the power bank

  2. Brady Byork
    Brady Byork
    Пре 4 сата

    your barn/backyard is so fuckin cool. im jelly!

  3. To Mo
    To Mo
    Пре 4 сата

    I also learned to talk from Captain Kirk! Thank You for the Video. (Spaces left intentionally for emphasis)

  4. Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis
    Пре 4 сата

    Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late

  5. Stef Westerburger
    Stef Westerburger
    Пре 4 сата

    He has a new phone

  6. Mirai
    Пре 4 сата

    Very interesting, I have been looking for something like this, may I suggest getting a 120mm electric fan to help push air into your cabinet, you can get them to were they use very little electricity even variable speed. I do realize that it will need to be plugged in all the time and just that could cause a problem with keeping that batteries charged.

  7. Mr_ Bulbul_Vlogs
    Mr_ Bulbul_Vlogs
    Пре 4 сата

    Wow 😲

  8. TrueKing
    Пре 4 сата

    That inner screen is depressing, 3,000 and you can dent the screen with your finger nail lmao

  9. Ali Abbass
    Ali Abbass
    Пре 4 сата

    Did you just switch the note 10 for a oneplus?!

  10. Co Dog
    Co Dog
    Пре 4 сата

    Hi Zack, sorry i'm late 5 hour 🙏

  11. a l
    a l
    Пре 4 сата

    This seems like a little bit of an uneconomical overkill. At minute 9:09 I think I can make out that the main house/garage is only 15-20m behind the shed. A properly dimensioned underground lead can be installed for a couple hunred dollars, vs the ~$8.000 this would cost. Nevertheless, those batteries are really nice to have.

  12. Yashwant Chaudhari
    Yashwant Chaudhari
    Пре 4 сата

    Itssss coooolllll

  13. Nope
    Пре 4 сата

    That's $8000 worth of batteries. I think I'll stick with my $300 gas generator...

  14. Vanesa Rada Young
    Vanesa Rada Young
    Пре 4 сата

    This is a great idea for power outages and portable too

  15. Pestilence86
    Пре 4 сата

    But the real question is, does the solar panel scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?

  16. Charles
    Пре 4 сата

    well jerry, if you would have said delta pro one more time, i would buy one :)

  17. LeafieLizardYT
    Пре 4 сата

    I’m gonna play this video when my iPad is laggy

  18. Sphinx Magnanimous
    Sphinx Magnanimous
    Пре 4 сата

    very much interesting! may I know the cost of your over all set-up?

  19. Retroike7
    Пре 4 сата

    This is really cool! But dang, watching you up on the roof or on the tall ladder inside makes me nervous!

  20. Sherzodbek Abdulkhaev
    Sherzodbek Abdulkhaev
    Пре 4 сата

    isn't your battery gonna get destroyed staying at 100% all the time while being recharged by a solar panels?

  21. coreyman0
    Пре 4 сата

    For the amp draw that ac, whats the dc amp draw the batteirs see?

  22. Atlanta Guns
    Atlanta Guns
    Пре 4 сата

    Pretty cool setup

  23. TechDove
    Пре 4 сата

    @10:28 idk why but that sound was soothing

  24. Kasper
    Пре 4 сата

    This man could run a drug farm, without the government knowing anything about it.

  25. AKA Rameez
    AKA Rameez
    Пре 4 сата

    No fire fighting system installed ?

  26. TranbärsJuice
    Пре 4 сата

    Nice setup. However, are you sure the air flow is enough to cool the batteries? It looks pretty tight.

  27. Ted Davis
    Ted Davis
    Пре 4 сата

    tf is candycorn lol?

  28. abdullah elnabbash
    abdullah elnabbash
    Пре 4 сата

    It’s cool and it’s the future (i mean the solar power of course) .. but lets face it who on earth can afford 4500+ US dollars for only one battery unit (other than the solar panels) and other than their 5 years average age! Believe me only few people can ..

  29. Steve Harmer
    Steve Harmer
    Пре 4 сата

    Thanks for that. Now I know. You take care. Steve.....from the UK.

  30. Bryce DonFrancisco
    Bryce DonFrancisco
    Пре 4 сата

    OR, now hear me out now, underground condut.

  31. aary vispute
    aary vispute
    Пре 4 сата

    Nice too see that the 3 little black ⚫chickens 🐔have grown up to able to join the rest now. 😀 the 3rd one turned out real fancy, with its grey shade over black

  32. Najee Ghanim
    Najee Ghanim
    Пре 4 сата

    TMobile 5G is very fast 4G LTE+, they get it by slowing down other none 5G devices or other TMobile sub companies subscribers like MetroPCs

  33. M R
    M R
    Пре 4 сата

    The only thing missing is a cape. You are my hero. I feel like I can attempt a DIY setup as well.

  34. Andrew Gremlich
    Andrew Gremlich
    Пре 5 сати

    I'm pretty sure I'll be looking into making a house powered off the sun...

  35. Glebokie Wykopy
    Glebokie Wykopy
    Пре 5 сати

    11:38 - good job with the silicone xD

  36. oye lucky
    oye lucky
    Пре 5 сати

    Ecoflow publicity stunt by jerry

  37. Daniel Rushton
    Daniel Rushton
    Пре 5 сати

    Do you think the EcoFlow and its battery back ups would work for a house during a power outage?

  38. aary vispute
    aary vispute
    Пре 5 сати

    He has taken the responsibility on his shoulders to make his audience more aware raise acceptance in them towards a eco-freindly way of life. 🤍🤍🦄 I'LL LEAVE THIS 🐘🦣 HERE TO PAY RESPECTS TO OUR BENT IPAD.

  39. Vanklow
    Пре 5 сати

    Why didn't you just increase the size of the cable to avoid the overheating? Two or three power cords in paralell would double or tripple the capacity.

  40. cheese bella
    cheese bella
    Пре 5 сати

    what phone is that 15:49 thankyou

  41. KAPPA 150
    KAPPA 150
    Пре 5 сати

    I say the Galaxy fold passes

  42. Waldek Sobolewski
    Waldek Sobolewski
    Пре 5 сати

    4:10 showing pilot with 20 button and say he will plug it to will to turn then on and off that got me laughing hahahhha

  43. tactisquatch
    Пре 5 сати

    The "ASMR" got me dying!!

  44. Error 909 Not Found
    Error 909 Not Found
    Пре 5 сати

    Isn't using staples for the wiring a bad idea?

  45. Malachi Blackwood
    Malachi Blackwood
    Пре 5 сати

    Zack: *thinks of a video to put solar panels on his roof* Me: *looks at thumbnail* “Did this man just put a tv on his roof?”

  46. Sylvee
    Пре 5 сати

    Watch Dominion Documentary on RSlost.

  47. EDM
    Пре 5 сати

    This guy has such a calm voice because he releases all his stress tearing up these phones

  48. Steven
    Пре 5 сати

    Is it me or did he put the vent against a solid wall? 😂

  49. PieterK
    Пре 5 сати

    Awesome wow the batteries are amazing

  50. Albert j
    Albert j
    Пре 5 сати

    do u live on a farm

  51. Roy Barrera
    Roy Barrera
    Пре 5 сати

    What's the life of the battery

  52. WiiMaster
    Пре 5 сати

    I bet a good chunk of the viewers for this video are from Texas...

  53. Mamarut Nielsen
    Mamarut Nielsen
    Пре 5 сати

    your asmr isn't that bad like the eating ones hahah

  54. Curtis Chase
    Curtis Chase
    Пре 5 сати

    What happens to the power when the battery’s are full?

  55. Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah
    Пре 5 сати

    love from pakistan <3

  56. Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah
    Пре 5 сати

    Still cant believe that Jerry Talks the sameway in real life

    Пре 5 сати

    How can I bypass from grid tied to a battery backup for power outages ? I installed a grid tied system from solar wholesale it was easy thanks to your help👍🏼

      Пре 4 сата

      Sweet thanks

    2. JerryRigEverything
      Пре 5 сати

      If you click the link in the description, ecoflow has an option to tie these batteries directly into your house. So that might work.

  58. mrjtgriffin
    Пре 5 сати

    If I were you, I would wire a fan onto the cabinets holding them to come on and actively move air if any of the battery pack fans come on. I do think long term, you could see slightly faster capacity degradation from sitting in a box with passive only cooling. I would be interested in seeing if there is no real degradation due to cells getting so much better over the years.

  59. Pip
    Пре 5 сати

    Nice job Jerry... the first time of watching without cringing !!!

  60. Mr11massa
    Пре 5 сати

    A backwards hat that doesn’t protect your dome… very trendy…

  61. Hares Kaky
    Hares Kaky
    Пре 5 сати


  62. Simen Eilevstjønn
    Simen Eilevstjønn
    Пре 5 сати

    The ground pins on the battery bank are probably connected to chassis ground, but that might not be sufficient for an EV. However, it should not be a problem to simply ground the battery bank chassis to a ground rod.

  63. felix o gaitero
    felix o gaitero
    Пре 5 сати

    Dude I think you're skimping on the cooling, heat and wood is not much of a good idea

  64. J S
    J S
    Пре 5 сати

    RSlost Premium = No ads from RSlost…but, still ads from content creators. RSlost is becoming an infomercial heaven.

  65. Aaron Sneath
    Aaron Sneath
    Пре 6 сати

    This is low key an ASMR video

  66. Mark Foley
    Mark Foley
    Пре 6 сати

    The pieces falling off the table bring me so much pain

  67. javier castaneda
    javier castaneda
    Пре 6 сати

    I love Lorde’s influence 😌 go stream solar power and stoned at the nail salon 💅 y’all.

  68. isaidicanshout
    Пре 6 сати

    does this mean you paid $0 to the power company since these have been installed? or just offset some amount?

    1. JerryRigEverything
      Пре 5 сати

      My panels have just offset my bill.

  69. DJ
    Пре 6 сати

    attach two giant portable solar panels over 'non wheel' chair and charge on the go! it will also protect you from sun light. install 4 rodes on all side and use solar panels as a roof on your chair.

  70. DJ
    Пре 6 сати

    hopefully lab meat will end bird/animal dependency.

  71. Aleks
    Пре 6 сати

    10KWh might be good for a barn but not if you ever want to heat or cool the building.

    1. Aleks
      Пре 6 сати

      As a comparison your average low cost electric car has about 50KWh

  72. Lichtywara
    Пре 6 сати


  73. William Reynolds
    William Reynolds
    Пре 6 сати

    Maybe put a thermometer in that cabinet, I don’t think your vents are going to cut it.

  74. Jack Miller
    Jack Miller
    Пре 6 сати

    Could I put this in a van? (In theory?)

    1. JerryRigEverything
      Пре 5 сати


  75. John Gray
    John Gray
    Пре 6 сати

    I believe if you look on the back of the main unit you will find a connection for the earth ground your tesla needs.

  76. Lethabo Elvis Mahlangu
    Lethabo Elvis Mahlangu
    Пре 6 сати

    The only person who knows how to do a sponsor video on RSlost

  77. Ellis The DJ
    Ellis The DJ
    Пре 6 сати

    I thinks zack should do teardown video of one of thises battery pack